Rhinoplasty is a procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose.

Is it performed only for reshaping and resizing the nose?

Rhinoplasty is performed not only for reshaping and resizing the nose but also to correct breathing problems.

What other procedures may be performed during Rhinoplasty?

In rhinoplasty, surgeons correct shape and size of the nose. Small noses become bigger and vice versa. During this surgery, nasal hump is removed, bone and cartilage that are blocking respiratory passage are corrected, nose is lifted and vibrissa’s are minimized if necessary.

What kind of anesthesia method is used for Rhinoplasty?

If it is a minor case, surgeons prefer local anesthesia. If there is bone and cartilage curvature or if the patient desires a radical change about his/her nose, general anesthesia is used.

Healing process after Rhinoplasty

The pain is gone within 2 days. If the surgery is performed mainly on the bone, nose bone is set for 1 week. Swelling and purpleness would stay for 1-2 weeks. The nose takes its final form within 6-12 months.


Recovery process of rhinoplasty requires patience and time. Post-operative care for rhinoplasty is as important as the surgery itself. Please consider below suggestions. Consult your doctor if you have any questions.

1. After the surgery you will not be able to breath in through the nose because of nose tampons. You should breath through the mouth during this time.

2. You should drink enough water after the surgery. You should drink juice, water or light drinks in small swallows. It will help reducing dryness of the month which happens because of breathing through the mouth. Do not use reed while drinking and prefer eating soft, chewable food. You may apply moisturizing cream to prevent lip dryness.

3. Take medicines that your doctor prescribed. Do not take aspirin and medicine containing aspirin or any medicine that prevents blood coagulation.

4. If you have still bandages on your nose, lift your head by supporting with 2 pillows and try to keep your head high above. Try to do this for the whole day, this would protect blood flow and reduce post-operative swellings.

5.There would be leakage after rhinoplasty. Its color would be light red/ pink and it is an expected situation. On the other hand, if it bleeds you should call your doctor.

6. After the surgery you will have double plaster on your nose. This will help to reshape and protect your nose. Do not touch your bandages and plasters. These will be removed by your doctor within 1 week.

7. The little tampon under your nose may be changed if necessary. (or if there is no bleeding you may just take it off)

8. Do not touch your nostrils and wipe your nose. You should keep your hands out of your nose. Try not to hit your nose and dress accordingly, prefer button-front shirts.

9. Be careful while you brush your teeth, use a soft toothbrush. Do not purse your lips and do not try to lift your upper lip unless it is necessary.

10. Avoid straining, bending, lifting heavy things (especially little children) and exercising.

11. Avoid direct sun exposure for 1 month.

12. After bandages are taken off you would realize swelling and change in color around surrounding tissues. Your nose may seem swollen, this will get better in time.

13. You may feel loss of feeling on nose tip or upper lip. These kinds of feelings disappear within couple of weeks.

14. After tampons are taken off you may gently wash your nose 2-3 times a day with cotton swab. Do not tuck the cotton swab in your nose.

15. You may feel stuffed up even after tampons are taken off. This is a normal response of tissues to the surgery. Do not attempt to blow your nose for 1 week. If you need to cough or sneeze do it gently while both of your nostrils are open. Do not use nasal spray or nose drops. If you need to sneeze, sneeze while your mouth is open.

16. You may feel weak because of anodynes and anesthetics that is used during and after the surgery but you will get better and feel stronger within a couple of days. You may suffer from insomnia. To avoid insomnia your doctor may prescribe sleeping pills.

17. You may show depression symptoms between 12-36 hours after the surgery. The first look of your nose after surgery may surprise you. We recommend you to be patient and realistic. Remember that your nose is exposed to surgical intervention and it will get better in time. Complete recovery requires between 6-12 months.
18. After bandage is taken off, you may return back to your normal life and job (depending on your job). You may make up in order to cover little scars.

19. Make sure that you go all of your appointments after surgery. This will enable your doctor to monitor the recovery process and take photos to see the development. Post-operative appointments are scheduled generally 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after surgery.

20. Do not wear glasses unless you really need for 2 months after surgery. You may hang it on your forehead with the help of a piece of tape. How to do this will be shown by your doctor.

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